A New Website

In 1965 when I was in high school in Northern California, I had the blessing to attend three life changing performances... Ravi Shankar, Manitas de Plata, and Bob Dylan. My life’s path, and vision of music was forever changed.  This led to having the great good fortune to meet, study, and tour with Ravi, the Godfather of World Music, study flamenco guitar in Spain legendary master Diego del Gastor, and an immersion in the acoustic music traditions of both American and other world cultures.  Complimenting my musical studies I developed a passion for photographing and filming these and other uniquely gifted artists so that I could express their musical gifts through the visual media.

This led to a career in music, as well as photography and filmmaking.  In the process, I developed a deep friendship with my teacher Ravi Shankar who I worked closely with for thirty-five years until he transcended this world in 2012.  Thirty-seven years of collaboration with Jackson Browne, and twenty-five years with “The Dude”, Jeff Bridges.  These friendships led to many other opportunities perceiving the grace of musical excellence and sharing these gifts through photography and film.

I decided to create this site in order to share with you the unique qualities of these gifted artists and hopefully inspire many others on their musical path.

These influences opened up a world of music and experience that I will begin presenting through this site with galleries that encompass my experiences in Spain, France, India, Tibet, Bhutan, Mongolia, and Thailand.  I hope the images inspire you as the moments have inspired me.